Doing Death {and Life} Better



Hi, I'm Tara

I help people do death {and life} better.

Through planning and practical support, I empower individuals and families as they face life's greatest challenge - death.

Whether you want to get your affairs in order ahead of time (which I highly recommend), you or someone you love is facing death in the near future or you have recently lost a loved one, I can help.

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When you hire me as your End of Life Coach you get:

An Experienced Guide

Your Goals Achieved

24/7 support

Written Plans

Peace and Confidence 

From My Blog......

Endings = New Beginnings

By Tara Persson | October 17, 2019

Endings are all around me right now in this season of life.   As I sit here typing and gazing out the window, the vibrant yellow leaves are almost all but gone, leaving behind tall grey skeletons, the green hues of the grass have given way to brown, the grain fields are finally getting bear from…

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End of Life Coach – A Beacon and Guide

By Tara Persson | August 27, 2019

An inukshuk, as depicted here, is a beacon and guide for the Inuit people as they navigate the barren lands of the north. Just as the inukshuk is a beacon and a guide for the Inuit, so is an End of Life Coach for those that are dying. End of Life Coaches help individuals and…

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Motorsports, Dying and Me

By Tara Persson | August 20, 2019

When it comes to motorsports some think they’ve died and gone to heaven. The dying that I am talking about, however, doesn’t tend to be so euphoric. The dying I’m talking about is the real thing…you know – dead, gone, hasta la vista baby.  Now that I have your attention – first things first –…

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There are many ways my services will make a difference for you and your loved one.

  • I will help facilitate the important and meaningful conversations that need to happen, but the timing never seems right.
  •  I will help you find your voice so that you will be empowered to advocate on behalf of yourself or your loved one.
  • I will be a listening ear and calm presence that comes alongside through your grief.
  • And, because I have been here with others, I will shine a light for you down the path so that you may be prepared for what lies around each corner.

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